Josie + Glenn’s timeless mid-summer wedding

On a warm day in the middle of July, family and friends gathered at Bold North Cellars to celebrate the love of Josie and Glenn.

Josie and Glenn’s story started years earlier in Moorhead, Minnesota. It was move-in day at Concordia College when they just happened to run into each other. Josie, a native of Alexandria, MN and Glenn, a native of Osakis, MN, had never met until that very moment despite having grown up right down the road from one another.

They kept running into each other throughout those first few weeks of school, and as Pre-Med students they figured it would only make sense to start studying together. The rest is history.

“I knew pretty early on [that she was the one], probably earlier than Josie,” said Glenn. “I remember thinking ‘she is the most amazing person, there’s nothing she can’t do.”

The proposal

Fast forward four years, and Josie and Glenn were both on their way to the U of M Medical School excited for what a new chapter would hold. Little did Josie know that Glenn was planning to propose on a family vacation to Anna Maria Island. And the whole family was in on it! Glenn told her he wanted to wake up early to see the sunrise. Despite running a little behind schedule due to Josie’s lack of enthusiasm for the early AM hours, they made it just in time to see the sunrise peeking up over the point. It was there Glenn officially popped the question. They spent the rest of the trip celebrating with family.

The wedding day

Why Bold North Cellars

“I’ve got some history with Bold North Cellars! I started singing at Carlos Creek Winery when I was 11 years old, and I always loved being out there,” said Josie. “It’s got a special place in my heart. I’ve seen so many weddings there and even played at one of them.”

“Not only is it so gorgeous but it also has sentimental value for me,” said Josie. “Now every time we’re there, we’ll always get to think of our wedding.”


“We wanted classic and simple,” said Josie. “Bold North Cellars is already so gorgeous; we didn’t have to bring very much in to make it feel elegant. We went off of what was already there and kept [the details] neutral.”

Special Details

Photo by TEM Photography

First Look

“We were expecting things to feel posed and awkward [during the first look] and instead it was such a cool moment. A first look is so much more than a photo opportunity; it’s your chance to see your person and be with them. It’s the moment where all of the tension settles and you just get to be together and enjoy the rest of the day as a couple,” said Josie.

Photo by TEM Photography

First Dance

Minnesota musician, Michael Shynes, provided the music at their reception. Both Josie and Glen fell in love with Michael’s song, ”House Made of You” and chose it for their dance. It was an amazing moment hearing Michael perform his original song as they took the dance floor as husband and wife.  

Dad + Daughter Dance

When Josie was 10 years old, she wrote a song for her dad and posted it on YouTube. For their dance, she re-recorded the song and mixed it with the original. Her dad was so surprised and it made for a sweet and special moment for the two of them.

The perfect day

“It was the perfect day – so fun and so easy,” said Glenn.

“We were able to be in the moment the whole time, and that was totally Bold North Cellars’ doing, said Josie. “Morgan, our coordinator, was amazing and we were able to enjoy all of the little moments. We are so grateful and would recommend Bold North Cellars to anybody.”


Every amazing wedding day has a host of vendors making some magic happen behind the scenes. Take a peek at some that were a part of Josie and Glenn’s special day:

Photo by TEM Photography

Plan your dream day

Your dream day awaits at Bold North Cellars! With stunning surroundings, amazing wine and beer crafted right on site, outstanding service, and intentional inclusions — we’re here to help you celebrate one of the most special moments of your life.  Contact us to start planning your perfect day!

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