Refreshed looks for Bold North Cellars brands

We recently revealed refreshed looks for our brands: Carlos Creek Winery, 22 Northmen Brewing Company, Grape Stomp Festival, and Bold North Cellars

The updates honor their rich history and infuse new energy into the uniqueness and vibrancy of each brand. While the looks may be new, you can still count on the same great high-quality products and experiences created to bring people together and celebrate life. 

Cheers to all the memories we’ve made with the original logos, and all the memories to come with the new looks! 

Our refreshed looks infuse new energy into the uniqueness and vibrancy of each brand.

New branding

Carlos Creek Winery

The Carlos Creek Winery branding ties heightened elegance with timeless and modern clean lines. The C icon displays hints of the sophistication and full-bodied flavor of Carlos Creek’s wines. It’s also a nod to the silhouette of a wine barrel. Two grape leaves and a petite vine curl adorn the C, offering a welcoming and relatable feeling.

22 Northmen Brewing Company

The 22 Northmen Brewing Company branding embodies traditional Viking heritage with a modern twist. The typography lines are strong and smooth yet angled in some areas — truly a mix of the new and old world. The dragon icon shape draws on inspiration from the carved masthead of a Viking longship and the number 22 in the brewery’s name, which comes from the Norse legend about 22 Northmen who traveled to Alexandria, Minn., in 1362. This story is iconic to the area, as it’s etched into the Kensington Runestone believed to be left behind by the Northmen and is on display in the Runestone Museum in Alexandria. The dragon’s tongue weaves in a pattern inspired by Viking knotwork and dares you to unleash your BEERVENTUROUS® spirit.

Grape Stomp Festival

The Grape Stomp Festival branding celebrates the uniqueness and fun of a festival atmosphere. The bright colors and curved typography express an inviting, lively experience meant to be shared. The splashes convey a literal burst of joy and the physical act of grape stomping. 

Bold North Cellars

Bold North Cellars brings all the brands together to collectively incorporate the wide variety of its offerings. The branding incorporates a clean, modern look featuring a color palette that complements each of the sub-brands while allowing it the ability to stand alone. It is the continuity to tie all the brands together under one family of brands focused on creating unique products that encourage celebration and connection.

Our vision

We have many ideas about the continued growth of Bold North Cellars, and as the company continues to evolve, any future plans we consider will be made with thoughtful intention, paying homage to the hard work of our team and family, and the support of the community.

We’re grateful to our community and all the amazing people who support Bold North Cellars. Our focus will always be on creating welcoming experiences and quality ingredients. Wine and beer should be fun, and most importantly, really, really good! We are always reaching for this goal in everything we do. 

Thank you for all your support! Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to keep up with all the happenings here at Bold North Cellars. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know. Cheers!

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