Who are the 22 Northmen?

The 22 Northmen legend comes from the Kensington Runestone – a local legend and on-going debate. The “runes” on the stone describe how in 1362, 22 Northmen traveled thousands of miles from the land of the Vikings to Alexandria, Minnesota. They traveled far, risked much, overcame great obstacles and arrived with a powerful thirst!

Embracing the Beerventurous spirit

As Viking descendants ourselves, we wanted to honor the 22 Northmen and embrace their BEERVENTUROUS® spirit. But who were these world explorers? Their actual identities are unfortunately lost to history, but their spirits live on through 22 very special Alexandria businesses and individuals who stepped forward to financially support the launch of 22 Northmen and earned the right to name a Northmen. 

If you’ve visited our brewery, you may have noticed the brightly painted Viking shields that grace the East and West gables of our longhall. Each shield represents one of our 22 sponsors and their name for one of the 22 original Northmen. See if you can match each shield with its corresponding sponsor. (Answers at Bottom – No Peaking!)


  1. Winning Edge Graphics A. Knute Nelson
  2. Shaynen Schmidt Family B. Paz Excavating
  3. Bursch Travel C. Masters Plumbing
  4. Bremer Bank D. Alex Irrigation
  5. Tom & Deb Busch Veterinarian E. Alex Brick & Stone
  6. Bill & Rob Pedroe F. Bigger Family
  7. Hagstrom Engineering G. Iverson Insurance
  8. Zimny Insurance H. Pemberton Law
  9. Integrity Title I. Bitzen/Ohren Masonry
  10. Carl Kvale Real Estate J. Orb Management
  11. Ameriprise Financial K. Buschard Construction


1/E, 2/G, 3/H, 4/B, 5/I, 6/C, 7/J, 8/D, 9/A, 10/F, 11/K


1/C, 2/K, 3/G, 4/H, 5/B, 6/F, 7/I, 8/J, 9/A, 10/E, 11/D

22 Northmen Brewery is a place for people to not only experience great beer, but to also experience Viking living. Visit our website to find our hours and current tap list. We can’t wait to see you in the taproom!

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