Wine lovers: Why you need to try the 300 Series

The 300 Series — A story of perfection. Picture our winemakers carefully tasting hundreds of barrels of wine. As they sample, they diligently make notes for adjustments and fine tuning, when all of a sudden they come across a single barrel that makes them take pause.

Since 1999 Carlos Creek Winery has been making award-winning wines using Minnesota, California, and New York grapes. All our wines are carefully crafted of the highest quality. Even then, there are some wines that rise above. This is the 300 Series.

Wine aging

At Carlos Creek Winery, we age all of our dry red wines for 9-36 months in oak barrels. This is an expensive endeavor as barrels can cost over $1000 each. It’s also extremely time consuming. Yet, the results just can’t be replicated by cheaper or quicker methods. 

When wine spends time in barrels, a portion called the Angel’s Share evaporates. To keep barrels full and reduce oxidizing head space, our winemakers regularly “top off” each of our 175+ barrels. Each time they do, they get a chance to evaluate how the wines are aging. This is the time when they figure out if it needs any adjustments. Every so often, an individual barrel of wine really blossoms.

What’s so special about 300 Series wines?

Our 300 Label Series is for the best of the best wines from Carlos Creek Winery. Tasting and critiquing their way through hundreds of barrels, it’s a beautiful thing when our winemakers come across a barrel that’s perfect all on its own.

The wines in this series are unique; each taken from a single barrel, chosen as the exemplary expression of that grape. Named 300 Series because a single barrel of wine produces 300 bottles.

Each special bottle includes a number and signature by the Head Winemaker himself. Amazing cellar candidates, our 300 Series Wines are available to purchase by the bottle in the Tasting Room and online.

300 series tasting

If you’re a wine lover and you haven’t treated yourself to these outstanding wines, you’re missing out! The next time you swing by our Tasting Room, ask our staff about the 300 Series Tasting. 300 Series Tastings come in an amazing candelabra shaped holder that cradles each of the 4 special wines. Once a quarter, we change up what we’re pouring so there’s always something new to try! In 2023, we’ve had a 2019 Barbera, 2019 Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017 Zinfandel, 2016 Russian Barrel Marquette. In April, we’re releasing four different 300 Series wines to try!

Our Winemaking

You’ll always find something you love from our Minnesota, family-owned winery where our wines are fully produced on-site using sustainable practices in wine making and in grape growing. Our wine makers specialize in making truly balanced wines in all different styles: dry, sweet, red, white, blush and dessert wines, with our main focus in using local, Minnesota fruit. Visit our Tasting Room soon to try our 300 Series tasting, or one of our many other amazing offerings.

Want to learn more about barrel aging? Check out Barrel Aging 101 and don’t forget to check out our amazing winery tours in the summer!

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